Photo galleries from the Solec's events - be back here, we will be updating the site regularly!

"Brzuchomówcy" - culinary workshops

Manifestacje Poetyckie Festival, September 2012

Babu Król

2nd Birthday of SOLEC, 14 and 15 of July


Drinks, spring 2012

Piknik na Skarpie, May 2012

Pinball Tournament, May 2012

SOLEC at Food & Friends Magazine

RTV/AGD Party, December 2011

Vermont Joy Parade - concert, 25th of November 2011

Betty Q & Crew - Burlesque!, 19th of November 2011

Beaujolais Noveau 2011, 17th of November 2011

Garage sale - "Garażówka", 12 of November 2011

Powiślenia Feastival, 24 of September 2011


Hala Mirowska - market

Our first Birthday!

Night with pinball

Do pobaczennia - nigth with songs from Ukraine

 Greetings from the Vistula!

Ściegi Ręczne - handmade market 

Natalia Fiedorczuk solo - concerte 

Action animation! - workshops for kids

Magic the Gathering - game

Winter 2010

In the kitchen

Fotosprint - photography auction 

Young Culture Managers - the action of the Association of the Creative Iniciatives "ę"

Games and Toys Bazaar, 5 December

Grittibaenz - backing Swiss cakes - the workshop for children, 5 December

Play Push at Solec!

Playing games at Solec

Hurray! We are inventing a new game! - art workshop for kids